BioTE Pellet Therapy

What if we told you BioTE pellet therapy could increase your energy and strength and help you with weight loss? … It will improve your moods and memory … restore your libido and improve your relationships … and you will be healthier and feel happier? 

That’s what our patients tell us …

“A couple of months ago I went to see Dr. Fliedner as I’ve gone through menopause at age 40. He was very detailed in explaining how BHRT works, and I decided to give it a try; and let me tell you, it’s been amazing!

I had my first pellets on June 14th and already noticed many positive changes after a few weeks. I no longer have hot flashes during the night, my energy level is much higher, my mood has improved and my libido is back! 😃

Dr. Fliedner and his staff are wonderful! I just wish his office was closer to my house, but I will continue to drive 28 miles to see him!” ~Claudia R.

“Dr. Fliedner and his assistant Cheryl are simply the best! If you’re looking for a natural way to gain energy and live a full life, go see Dr. Fliedner and ask about BioTE.  I’ve been on these supplements for approximately 1.5 years, and it’s been life-changing for me. Thank you, Dr. Fliedner!” ~Rene B.

You can read more reviews from patients whom Dr. Fliedner is currently treating with his custom BioTE pellet therapy.

Why We Use BioTE Pellets

Over the past 20 plus years, Dr. Fliedner has dedicated himself to finding the best hormonal treatments, and his ongoing research has led him to BioTE.  He has followed many ongoing medical studies that show that the BioTE pellet therapy is successful, and Dr. Fliedner has personally seen it help improve the lives of his own patients who are achieving hormonal balance and living out happier lives.

The BioTE pellets use bioidentical hormones which contain testosterone or estrogen. Dr. Fliedner himself, and not a nurse practitioner, places these pellets subcutaneously in the body, typically in the upper buttocks. Then the magic begins. 

The BioTE pellets begin releasing a continuous stream of bioidentical hormones that are dosed uniquely for you to supply what your body needs. These hormone replacement pellets dissolve and are absorbed into the body. The patient will begin sensing symptom relief anywhere from 72 hours up to three weeks for first-time patients.  

As a certified BioTE provider, Dr. Fliedner has the knowledge, background, and support from the BioTE community to accurately test your hormonal levels and prescribe the proper hormones and doses that your body needs. The bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) pellets are made of custom-compounded hormones and binders that hold them together. Every batch of hormones is tested for potency, sterility, and endotoxins, which ensures that Dr. Fliedner’s patients receive the best possible hormonal therapy.

What Is the BioTE Pellet Process?

Our patients report that they are surprised by how simple and painless the process is under the attentive care of Dr. Fliedner. The first step is to schedule an office visit with Dr. Fliedner to test your hormone levels. Based on this first comprehensive consultation and extensive lab work, Dr. Fliedner will determine your BHRT therapy. Custom pellet therapy insertion will take place either during this appointment or during a quick follow-up appointment.

The beauty of BioTE pellet therapy is the convenience it offers our patients. While each of our patients follows a different therapy schedule, repelleting occurs typically every three to five months for women and four to six months for men. Once on this pellet schedule, our patients need not worry about daily dosing or forgetting to take their hormones. The pellets take care of this for you. All you need to do is schedule your next appointment with Dr. Fliedner.

The Benefits of BioTE Pellet Therapy 

  • It Improves Overall Health

Over the years, BioTE has conducted several studies of patients treated with BioTE pellets and has found that BioTE pellets have been shown to improve heart health, brain health, bone health, and thyroid health. More information on this is available on the case studies page of the BioTE website.

  • You Age Healthier and Live Happier

In his book, Age Healthier Live Happier, Gary Donovitz, MD, FACOG, the founder of BioTE® Medical,  describes the history of pellet therapy,  his clinical experience treating patients with BHRT pellet therapy, and the value of pellet therapy for both men and women. After seeing the positive results of pellet hormone therapy,  Dr. Donovitz has made it his life goal to educate people about BHRT pellet therapy.

BioTE Pellets and Dr. Fliedner

Dr. Fliedner is a certified BioTE provider and has been administering BioTE pellets for the past several years. He is available for immediate counseling. Contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Fliedner.

As a Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Dr. Fliedner specializes in comprehensive wellness and healthcare for women and men. You can trust his comprehensive knowledge of hormonal therapy to prescribe a custom therapy plan for you that will improve your life as it has his other patients.

He is available for immediate counseling. Contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Fliedner.