The Ultimate Guide to Breast Health with Preventative Care Tips

Welcome to the ultimate guide to breast health! Taking care of your breasts is important not only for your physical well-being but also for your peace of mind. Our comprehensive guide provides essential preventive care tips that every woman should know.  Having worked 30+ years supporting women’s breast health, we understand the many worries and questions that women have regarding Read More

Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine

Treating the Whole Person At North Texas Vitality, Dr. Fliedner’s focus is your best health. As a Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist with over 30 years of experience, he specializes in comprehensive wellness and healthcare for both men and women. In his practice, Dr. Fliedner understands to bring substantive and long-term healing, he must treat the whole person by addressing Read More

Treating Osteoporosis with BHRT

Today, osteoporosis is a major public health problem in the United States. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, 54 million Americans, half of all adults age 50 and older, are at risk of breaking a bone and should be concerned about bone health. As a board-certified ob-gyn, Dr. Fliedner takes his responsibility seriously to protect patients against osteoporosis by providing Read More

Five Easy Blood Sugar Hacks

Symptoms of Insulin Dysregulation Do you experience frequent food cravings and find yourself poking in the fridge throughout the day seeking something sweet? Have you been fighting the weight loss battle for years, but you just can’t lose weight?  These issues and others such as mood swings, menstrual irregularities, fatigue, acne, or brain fog, suggest that you may have a Read More

BHRT Pellets Decrease Breast Cancer


Relief And Preventative Medicine For the past thirty years, Dr. Fliedner has enjoyed helping women prevent diseases such as breast cancer and offering relief for menopausal symptoms with his bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Women have turned to Dr. Fliedner for relief from many health issues that have increased as they age. They report symptoms such as hot flashes, insomnia, Read More