How to Increase Libido in Women

It seems everywhere you go during the month of February, bright shades of pink hearts and Victorian Valentine images greet you. They remind you that romance is in the air. But what if you don’t feel it?   That’s okay. It’s natural for a woman’s libido to fluctuate throughout her life. Highs and lows can accompany the beginning or the end Read More

Insider Tips To Find The Best Ob/Gyn


One of the most important decisions a woman will make is choosing the best ob/gyn for herself. If you are like most women, the thought of revealing the most intimate parts of your body to a doctor is a bit intimidating. Yet, an ob/gyn can be a health partner that, if selected carefully, will advise you through life’s major events–the Read More

Female Arousal After Menopause Valentine’s Special

Female Arousal After Menopause

Low Female Arousal After Menopause Often, women come to us at North Texas Vitality with all kinds of questions about female arousal after menopause. “Dr., how can I get my sex drive back?” “Why do I take so long to arouse?” “I am afraid I will lose my partner’s interest because of my low libido. What can I do? HELP!” Read More