What Are Biodentical Hormones?

If you’ve done research on hormone therapy, then you’ll already know it is controversial. But as our culture has grown to place a greater emphasis on health and wellness, hormone therapy has too. Bioidentical hormones are a natural approach to hormone therapy, giving you a safer alternative for your body. If you’re curious about it, here’s what you need to know. 

What are bioidentical hormones? 

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a safe, natural medical therapy designed to slow the effects of aging. Hormones play a large role in our health, behavior, and development. In order to look and feel our best, we need to have the right balance of hormones and nutrients in our bodies. 

Bioidentical hormones match the molecular structure of the hormones found naturally in our bodies. They are made from a plant chemical extracted from yams and soy. Often referred to as “natural hormone therapy,” bioidentical hormones act the same as naturally produced hormones in the body. Because of this, your body can’t even tell the difference between bioidentical hormones and the hormones found in your body — hence its name “bioidentical hormones.”

Why are bioidentical hormones useful?

Hormone replacement therapy has become the most popular way of repairing hormone damage and limiting the signs of aging. It can eliminate hot flashes in menopausal women, as well as reducing weight gain and lessening mood swings. For men, it can help with the effects of andropause or “male menopause,” which includes erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and hair and muscle loss. Over the last two decades, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has grown in popularity, giving men and women the opportunity to reach hormonal balance without the side effects and risks of synthetic hormones

Are bioidentical hormones safe?

Not all hormones are created equal. Bioidentical hormones are a much safer alternative to synthetic hormones, and research has proven that they have fewer risks and side effects than synthetic hormones. However, it’s important to note that no drug, supplement, or herb is completely without risk. When deciding to pursue hormone therapy, it’s vital to select an expert medical practitioner who will take the time to talk with you about your body and your concerns. 

What do bioidentical hormones do for you? 

If you’ve ever dreamed of discovering the fountain of youth, bioidentical hormone therapy may make your wish come true. Not only does bioidentical hormone therapy reverse the signs of aging, it can also treat age-related diseases, such as erectile dysfunction, insomnia, and thyroid disorders. Sometimes hormonal imbalances can contribute to low energy, muscle loss, or weight gain, and can be corrected with a treatment plan that includes bioidentical hormone therapy. Treatments include estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. 

Are bioidentical hormones the best choice?

We hope that in answering the question “what are bioidentical hormones?,” we’ve shed some helpful light on hormone therapy. Ultimately, you are the only person who can decide if bioidentical hormone therapy is best for your body. Health is a lifestyle not a quick fix. It consists of consistent nutrition, regular exercise, and a positive mental outlook. Bioidentical hormone therapy can help support your wellness decisions and give you the life you dream of living. 

We want to see you thriving in life! We are bioidentical hormone specialists and are here to answer your questions, talk through concerns, and help you discover your best, healthiest self. Dr. Thomas Fliedner has over 25 years of experience in women’s health care and has helped hundreds of clients reach their health goals through bioidentical hormone therapy. Schedule a consultation today!