Superior Bioidentical Hormone Pellets and Your Body


As men and women age, they often shrug off the increasing health issues they deal with as simply a part of aging. Women may experience hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, irritability, anxiety or depression, bloating, and loss of libido. Men may experience fatigue, exhaustion or low energy, difficulty achieving or sustaining an erection, lack of mental clarity and difficulty concentrating, loss of libido, weight gain, thinning hair, dryer skin, moodiness, anxiety or depression, and lost muscle mass. These ailments are a part of aging, but the good news is that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT, for both men and women can reverse these symptoms of aging.

With bioidentical hormone pellets, you no longer have to live with depression or low libido, or many of the other health issues that can weigh you down. The BHRT pellet therapy that Dr. Fliedner offers his patients directly treats many health issues related to aging. If you have questions about bioidentical hormones, refer to our blog article, “What are Bioidentical Hormones?” 

BHRT pellet therapy is a time-tested method of hormone optimization that was created from hundreds of studies performed on hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide to successfully optimize the hormone levels of both men and women. Bioidentical hormone pellets have been used with great success in the United States, Europe, and Australia since 1938, and have been found to be superior to other methods of hormone delivery (Greenblatt 49, Mishnell 41, Stanczyk 88). It is not experimental. (data from BioTE® Medical)

What are bioidentical hormone pellets?

Designed for both men and women, bioidentical hormone pellets are roughly the size of a grain of rice and composed of estrogen or testosterone hormones. Pellets contain bioidentical hormones from organic plant materials that mimic the molecular structure of human hormones. 

How are bioidentical hormone pellets inserted?

These tiny pellets are inserted under the skin in a simple, painless in-office procedure, taking about 10 minutes. The insertion site, usually somewhere around the upper buttocks, is numbed with a local anesthetic where a small incision is made, and the hormone pellet is inserted. The insertion site is then covered with a small bandage. The pellet dissolves, and the body absorbs the contents, leaving nothing behind. 

Are there side effects?

BHRT pellet therapy results in very few side effects, most of which are temporary and mild. Some patients experience slight breast tenderness and/or bloating. Pellet injection sites may also become infected or become dislodged. Some women may need adjustments of progesterone to prevent a return of menstrual type bleeding. The testosterone pellets have produced occasional incidences of increased or darker hair growth or mild acne. These issues are generally minor, and Dr. Fliedner can easily manage and minimize any symptoms with hormone adjusting.

Is hormone pellet Insertion painful?

Most patients experience no pain with their hormone pellet insertion. However, to help alleviate any discomfort, Dr. Fliedner gives his patients a local anesthetic at the insertion site before the procedure. Tenderness, redness, and a little bruising are standard up to three or four days after insertion, but the entire process is quick and painless. 

How long do pellets last?

Bioidentical hormone pellets last three to six months depending on gender, weight, absorption rates, and the amount of deficiency or surplus of hormones present within the patient at the time of insertion. Dr. Fliedner closely monitors his patients’ hormonal levels and recommends reinserted pellets between two to four times per year to help keep hormones optimized and balanced.

What are the pros of hormone pellets?

Although it is one of the newer options of bioidentical hormone therapy, BHRT pellet therapy is preferred by many patients for the unique advantages it offers over alternatives such as pills and creams.

1. Hormonal consistency 

Pills and creams can have a rollercoaster effect on your system, offering you hormonal highs when you first take the medication, dropping to lows over time. When it’s time to redose with medication, hormones have reached a low point and then they spike back up with the next dose.

These hormonal highs and lows also affect your hormone-related symptoms, causing you to feel great in the first few hours after taking each dose, then your symptoms return as the dosage fades. Hormone pellets, on the other hand, release a steady and consistent flow of hormones.

2. Convenience

With our busy lives, keeping up on your medication dosages via a pill or cream every day isn’t easy. Hormone imbalances often affect people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. When we’re in the middle of managing a career, raising a family, and maintaining a household, we often land in bed at the end of the day and realize we forgot to take our medicine, or we forget altogether.

With an implanted pellet, though, there’s nothing to remember. Dr. Fliedner implants the pellet and it works its magic for months before you need a replacement. Of course, the exact timing between visits will depend on your body’s metabolism and your needs. Most of our patients visit Dr. Fliedner two to three times per year for pellet implants. 

Are there any cons of hormone pellets?

While bioidentical hormone pellets are the most popular method of bioidentical hormone therapy, they are not for everyone. 

1. Requires an in-office procedure

For some patients, the idea of an in-office procedure can be scary. For most of our patients, the insertion method is painless and straightforward, however, some experience discomfort occasionally. 

2. Requires scheduling

Scheduling the procedure can be a challenge for those with a busy calendar. You will need to consider the time to visit the doctor and the slight downtime post-insertion. Dr. Fliedner recommends that you not practice any strenuous physical activity or have prolonged water exposure for the first few days after implantation. 

3. Slightly higher cost 

Finally, BHRT with pellets can be slightly more expensive than other forms of hormone therapy, however, it is considered the best method to deliver consistent hormonal therapy and results.

The symptoms of hormone imbalance can be frustrating and inhibiting to enjoying life to its fullest. With hormone pellets, you can truly restore order to your life! Call our office at 469-455-1665 to set up your appointment with Dr. Fliedner or request an appointment online.